The actual science behind Hindu marriage rituals

The actual science behind Hindu marriage rituals

We all like to attend weddings, particularly Hindu weddings that area unit fun-filled and packed with masti.

Many people could be tuned in to the customs and traditions followed in Hindu weddings. however you would possibly not recognize the particular science and therefore the reasons behind these rituals. The tradition followed and practiced by Hindus aren’t mere superstitions or formalities. several of those area unit scientifically sound, and a few are literally smart for one’s health. Here we tend to area unit sharing with you some well-liked wedding rituals and their scientific reasons…

Mehendi ceremony

Mehendi ceremony is one among the foremost necessary rituals of a shaadi that takes place each day or 2 before the particular wedding. Besides its cosmetic attractiveness, Mehendi or henna has healthful properties. Normally, Mehendi is applied on the hands and feet that has several nerve endings, and it helps to forestall the nerves from changing into tense throughout nerve-wracking things.

Haldi ceremony

The traditional ‘haldi ceremony’ could be a fun time for everybody wherever turmeric paste is applied on the the groom and bride at their various homes. except for transmission a natural glow, this healthful herb helps to stay bacterium cornered.

The holy hearth

The holy hearth around that the couple takes their vows too has its own scientific significance. the hearth is lighted victimisation wood and drawn butter. Rice and alternative ingredients are more to the hearth. Smoke emitting from such flavourer ingredients facilitate to cleanse the encompassing atmosphere and unfold positivism around the wedding.

Applying sindoor

No Hindu wedding is complete while not the sindoor ceremony, wherever the groom applies vermilion on the bride’s forehead. Originally, sindoor was ready by intermixture metal mercury powder, turmeric and alternative flavourer concoctions. Mercury is understood for anti-stress properties and helps activate sexual wishes (this is additionally the rationale that widows area unit prohibited from sporting sindoor).

Wearing a Mangalsutra

The groom ties a Mangalsutra round the bride’s neck. A Mangalsutra ought to ideally have 2 spherical cups within the centre, with no style in its front. curiously, this structure is related to the energy of information.


A new bride’s apparel is incomplete while not matching bangles! however wait, they’re not mere accessories. The friction between the skin and bangles helps to enhance blood circulation. Also, sporting bangles facilitate to press many treatment points that successively helps the bride to guide a healthy life.

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